Saturday, August 6, 2016

What is a Birth Doula?

    "Birth Doula" is Greek word whose definition has come to mean in modern times as- a women educated in the art of childbirth. It is someone who provides continuous physical, emotional & informational support to the mother, father, & their family. This support begins with the pregnancy, and continues through labor & postpartum. Doulas are trained & experienced in the birth process. They understand what is normal for the labor & birth process. And they know how to keep labor progressing while keeping the mother comfortable.

 Everyone can benefit from a Doula's support- first-time parents; as well as those parents who have already been through the birth process. Both women who choose to have a natural birth and those who elect to use pain management can benefit from a Doula's support.

      Doulas honor your privacy & your choices.

      Doulas do not replace your doctor or midwife; they do not provide clinical care. 
      Doulas do not make decisions for you.

    A Doula is able to remind you about simple things that are often forgotten-like going to the bathroom, drinking fluids, & eating. Doula services are perfect for any setting: hospital, birth center, or home births.

    A Doula can inform you on medication options as well as alternatives to medications. Knowing your options ahead of time will make pain management decisions easier during labor. The decision is a personal one that only the mother can make. Whatever choice you make, your Doula will support you & help you make your birth experience a sacred one.

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