Monday, August 8, 2016

Questions to Ask Doula's Before Hiring

·      What training have you had? I received my training from the Institute of Somatic Therapy. I am a certified prenatal massage therapist and a certified massage doula. I have also had doula training by DONA international.

·        Do you have one or more backup Doulas for times when you are not available? May we meet her/them? I have a back up doula who is also a massage therapist. She would be happy to meet with you after you hire my services.

·       Will you be my doula or are you a doula agency who will subcontract out a doula? I will be your doula unless there is an emergency or if I am ill. I do not subcontract out my clients.

·       How many years have you been a doula? I have been a doula and supporting families for the last six years.

·      My refund Policy- Sometimes it is impossible for me to be 
 your doula (for example if there is a hurricane or if your doula is
 sick). If failure to attend your birth is due to our own failure to
 arrive or provide a back-up labor support provider, you will be
 refunded the cost of labor support minus the retainer
 fee of $200. But any fees paid for massage therapy services
 performed will not be refunded.
     If you do not call me to attend your birth for any reason you forfeit any refund but I will gladly come for the postpartum visit. In the event of rapid labor if your doula arrives within 1 1/2 hours of being called but miss the birth, you will also not be given a refund.

When Interviewing a Birth Doula:   
·       How many years have you been a doula? I have been a doula and supporting families for the last six years.

·        Tell me/us about your philosophy about childbirth & supporting women and their partners through labor. Some of my philosophies are listed on page 2 as well as in the section listed as “My Polices and Code of Conduct”. But to learn about all of my philosophies please read my entire packet.

·        May we meet to discuss our birth plans & the role you will play in supporting me/us through childbirth? We can have a monthly meeting (if you choose) to discuss your birth plans & to become more familiar with each other.

·        May we call you with any questions or concerns before & after the birth? I offer continuous labor support during your pregnancy, labor & postpartum. I offer 24 hour phone & email contact during your pregnancy and labor; on-call availability beginning at 37 weeks; and I will be available for any postpartum questions as long as you need.

·        When do you join women in labor? Do you come to our home or meet us at the place of birth? Your doula will usually arrive less than 1 ½ hours from the time of your call. I can come to your house, birth center, or the hospital of your choice.

·        Do you meet with me/us after the birth to review the labor & answer questions? I would be happy to meet with you after your birth for a postpartum follow up if you like. Otherwise I can send you a birth evaluation in the mail for you to fill out. And I would be happy to answer any question either by phone, email, or in person.

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