Saturday, August 6, 2016

Benefits of Having a Doula Support Your Birth

Studies done on the effects of continuous labor support show that women are :
        * 60% less likely to have an epidural or other analgesia
        * 30% less likely to use any type of pain medicine
        * 40% less likely to need to be induced
        * 50% less likely to give birth using cesarean section
        * 40% less likely to give birth using vacuum extraction or forceps
        * 25% less likely to have a lengthy labor

    Long-term benefits include:
        * A greater satisfaction with the birth experience
        * Fewer incidences of postpartum depression
        * Greater breastfeeding success
        * Increased bonding between mother & baby

* Klaus, Marshall H., M.D., Phyllis Klaus, M. Ed, & John Kennel, M.D., Mothering the Mother, N.Y: Addison-Welsey '93

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