Monday, August 8, 2016

How Can a Doula Help if the Mother is Using Pain Management or an Epidural?

We have had many women ask whether or not we attend births other than natural births. They wonder how we can help them if they are not able to get up and move around.

 * We offer continuous emotional, physical & informational support.
        With a Nurse's heavy patient load, they just don't have the time to
         pamper every mother like they deserve. You would be lucky to see
         your nurse more than 15 minutes every hour.
*  We would be your constant support in case your partner needs to
          run to the bathroom, get something to eat, or just needs to get a
          breath of fresh air.
*  We can help turn a woman every 20 minutes to her other side if she
         has received an epidural. We can also massage her legs to increase
         the blood flow & circulation. And even though her bottom half of
         her body is relaxed, the arms, hand & shoulders may be tense & 
         could benefit from massage.
*  Even though the pain is diminished or alleviated, a woman may still
         need reassurance that everything is all right & happening as it
         should. And for lengthy labors, we can offer the encouragement
                   that is needed to continue until the end.

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