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Sacred Birthing

How can we make birth that is sacred and right to begin with, become even more right in order to support the full Divinity of each child? How can we increase our understanding and action to best support our babies? If we look to our baby’s birth as our gift to and from the Divine, we will most likely choose to be in a state of heightened consciousness and choose wakefulness of body, mind and heart.

Sacred Birthing allows birth to step into the Sacred- birth without trauma uplifts the life of your baby and the evolution of humanity. It's practices support a baby's whole being. By awakening to timeless spiritual wisdom, Sacred Birthing becomes a parent's guide for protecting their baby's consciousness as it moves from spirit to earth.

An enormous scope of birth wisdom has been lost through time. Giving birth is the highest degree of honor, for it is our act of co-creation and is our personal gift to our baby. Not only is it an honor to create and nurture another being within, but to release and offer this baby in gratitude for our life and nurturing from the Earth and cosmos is a fulfillment of the Cycle of Life. For generations, we women have let ourselves miss the opportunity to give birth to align with our true self. We have, on some level, agreed to be anesthetized in birth to highlight this forgetting.

Birth is the greatest influence of a baby's entire life; birth crystallizes a blueprint that remains with us for life. At the time of birth, in order for the soul to be most fully received, the baby-body must be in an open state- emotionally and physically. This requires that the mother be fully conscious in the process of giving birth; that she is not energetically depressed by the action of drugs. Medicated births depresses a baby-body's vibration. If the baby-body is depressed, it is only able to accept that depressed equivalent of its soul's vibration. This means that the baby will spend a great part of his lifetime recouping the vibrational excellence that could have been hers from the moment of birth. Sacred Birthing uniquely speaks to how a baby can be born without the 'normal' harm to the body/soul connection.

Many souls wish to take part in this time of rising consciousness and are asking to return to Earth to be on hand as she evolves. These babies hold great power in the times to come. In their absolute love, there is nothing more powerful. They are our leaders who will inspire change by their presence, even as babes in arms. They affect everything simply by their presence. They hold and inspire a new paradigm by leading with the heart, and will show us how to have love permeate all aspects of life. In the next years, these babies will teach us in a new manner if we are willing to open to them. We must give these babies the gift of a "soft birth" which will allow them to remember who they are, where they are from, & what their purpose is on Earth.

I learned during a Sacred Birthing Workshop in Maui that a natural childbirth can have little or no sensations of pain. I had heard of this being done using guided visualization & hypnotherapy, but not using the suggestions that the instuctor/midwife was teaching. Her name is Sunni Karll, she is the author of the book Sacred Birthing. It is her belief that in a heightened state of vibration(energy flow), pain can not exist.

"From the phase of transition to birth, a father may double his partners strength & vibration in labor. This happens by looking into each other's eyes. The mother should open her eyes during each rush & look deeply into her partner's eyes. In this way you may find yourselves diving into each other's hearts. In the silence between rushes, close your eyes & both go within." Sunni Karll

To obtain the highest state of vibration at birth, a woman must start working during her pregnancy. "The vibration of birth is rarely higher than the highest vibration achieved during pregnancy." Sunni Karll

Emotional baggage must also be cleared during your pregnancy, this can include your fears about your upcomming birth as well as traumatic birth experiences from other children or even your own birth. Childbirth education classes are a great way to eleminate any fears about birth. When I was younger, before my first birth, I didn't take a childbirth education class. I thought it would just scare me about the birht process. But the opposite is true. You will actually learn how natural & safe the birth process can be. You must also remove any fear about becomming a new parent.If necessary take parenting classes, read books, join support groups or if necessary find a councelor to help you with your fear.
"The higher vibration of the baby's soul will bring up baggage in each parent during pregnancy, in order to be cleared. Pregnancy is the time to break these patterns so they are not dragged into the birth itself". Sunni Karll"

There are connections between our death and our next birth. If you have had an abortion, and the soul you carry now is the same soul who was aborted(as is often the case), the soul often replays that by needing to be born in a hospital. Parents can release this need, by talking to the sould and exlaining the circumstances of the decision for abortion. With the partent's own self-forgiveness, the baby can then heal. The baby can then shift and choose a different birth scenario of higher vibration" Sunni Karll

There is no place for fear in the birth process. When we are in a place of fear, we tense up. Once we are tensed up, our muscles contract. When our muscles are tight, we will experience more pain. The more pain that we experience in birth, the tighter our muscles will contract, then we will experience an even greater level of pain. This is called the pain cycle. In order to have a minimally painless birth, we must be in a state of relaxation!
If a couple chooses, I can take these Sacred Birthing principles of needing to be in a heightened state of vibration, as well as the techniques suggested by the "mother" of alternative birth- Dr. Gowri Motha and I can add them to my birthing tools. I have come up with a pregnancy and birth plan which will allow a woman to raise her levels of vibration.

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