Monday, August 8, 2016

Early Doula Support for Your Birth

I have meet several couples over the years who have mixed feelings about hiring a doula. Birth is a very intimate & personal experience for many people. Usually it is the husband/partner who is uncomfortable with the idea of having  "a stranger" at their birth. I feel that it is important to support women who wish they could convince their husbands/partners to hire a doula. 

I offer early labor Doula services for couples that want a doula/massage doula for the beginning stages of labor, but not the birth. I can come to the home, hospital, or birth center for as long as you need us. I will offer comfort measure through massage therapy or positioning & can make suggestions to speed up the labor process. I will remind you both to eat & drink & take bathroom breaks. If the husband/partner needs to take a few moments for themselves, I will be there continuously by your side.

One of the biggest fears for "first-time" parents is- when will we know it is time to go to the hospital/birth center or call the midwife? With my experience,

I can recognize the different stages of a normal labor process. By having a birth professional by your side, some of this fear can be alleviated.

When the time is right for you & your partner I will wish you my best & say good-bye. But if you change your mind & decide that having me present for your birth would make things more comfortable & less stressful for you both, then I will be happy to stay with you as long as you need. 

Sweet Pea in the Pod

Sedona, Arizona

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