Friday, January 4, 2019

Path to Ascension Sessions and Workshops

Tiffany's mission is to educate, assist, inspire and empower others to heal, grow, evolve and ascend by raising their frequency and level of consciousness. This elevated awareness will bring a better understanding of themselves and their world; as well as the circumstances and the people that surround them. And in doing do so, freeing them from old paradigms and programs so they can live a happy and healthy life filled with passion and purpose. Tiffany can help you accomplish this through a combination of Ascension Coaching and Healing Sessions. It is recommended to have both the Coaching and Healing Sessions to be the most effective, but Ascension Coaching Sessions can be done alone.

The Coaching Sessions can be given in-person, over the phone or through Skype

3-5 day workshops are also available a few times per year in Sedona, Arizona and Asheville, North Carolina. See below for more information about these workshop intensives.

The Coaching Sessions will include Inner Healing Work and Education in the areas of: 

  • Dismantling our Lower Mind's ego influence
  • Removing Emotional Blocks and Fears
  • Clearing old Patterns and Programs
  • How Thoughts and Beliefs affect our reality
  • How Emotions can create Physical Disease and Ailments
  • Self Healing
  • Our "Outer" world being a reflection of our inner "World"
  • The Chakra System
  • Raising your Frequency
  • Connection to God ~ Source ~ Creator ~ Universe
  • Unity Consciousness
  • 7 Spiritual Laws
  • Angels ~ Guides ~ Spiritual Ancestors
  • Spiritual Protection
  • The Holographic Matrix System
  • Multidimensional Existence
  • 3D to 5D Shift
  • The Ascension Process
  • Ascension Symptoms

The Healing Sessions will Assist in:

  • Remove Physical Blocks and Energetic Chords
  • Align and Balance the Chakra System
  • Raise the Vibrational Frequency of the Body
  • Put you on a path of healing the Organs, Disease, Pain and other Ailments
  • Activate the 12 Strands of DNA
  • 3rd Eye Activation
  • Connect to the Crystalline New 5D Earth
  • Activate the 8th-12th Chakras

Workshops will include:

  • Morning Yoga and Meditations
  • Classroom Lessons and Activities
  • Vortex and Sacred Sites visits
  • Activities out on the land
  • Private and Group Healing Sessions
  • Private Counseling Sessions
  • Private Readings
  • Organic Foods (vegan meals available)

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